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I have been passionate about painting for thirty-five years. Nonetheless, every year or so, my paintings take a different direction. Sometimes it’s subject matter, techniques or both. Last year, I added colored fibrous papers to my acrylic painted surfaces.

Consequently my compositions have more texture and incidental detailed patterns.

The Post Impressionist use of bold color and shape has been a constant influence throughout, but I am always open to new methods and materials.

I am a native of Lynchburg, Virginia, and have a bachelor of arts degree from Temple University. During a career as an art teacher, and even more since retiring, I have created, shown, and sold my work. But the real passion is the creative process.

I am active with the Lynchburg Art Club, and have volunteered for one of the most prominent local arts festivals, Kaleidoscope, for many years.

- Geral T. Butler

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Geral Butler Art Showings

The Lynchburg Art Club
1011 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, Virginia 24504
Please come out and support Geral Butler

The Findings Art in Boonesboro
4925 Boonsboro Road
Lynchburg, Virginia 24503
Website: findingsart.com
Please come out and support Geral Butler

Westminster Canterbury
501 V.E.S. Road
Lynchburg, Virginia 24503
Please come out and support Geral Butler


Honorable Mention
Georgia Morgan Art Show

Cold Day In NYC

Acrylics, 36" x 24"

Morning Glories

23" x 18"


Watercolor and Wax, 8" x 10"